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Paper Gold : Hold Gold upto 12 months
Paper Silver : Never worry about the fluctuating rates
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 Do you Buy Diamonds from other jewellers.

Silver Jwellary

Handmade, casting and machine made.

Silver jewellery purity is 92.50%.

Across the world - In India, Europe and China.

Oxidized, Mirror, Dull, E-Coating (prevents tarnishing).

They remain the same as silver articles… For silver weight only.

No, unfortunately we do not.

Silver by nature tarnishes when exposed to air due to the presence of sulphur. Silver needs periodic cleaning and polishing to retain its shine and lustre. Maintain Jewellery by bringing it in to our showrooms once a year for checking of loose links, prong settings, and to have it re-polished.
Rate Protection Plan

1. Book Gold, Diamonds, Platinum and Silver rates as you pay your instalments.

2. Buy at the â??averagedâ?? rates.

3. Facility to switch over to cash benefit and buy at current rates at the time of maturity.


Any individual (18 years and above) / Company Sole Proprietorship or Partnership firm. Minors may also be enrolled through his/her guardians/nominees. Persons may also nominate another individual who may utilize the gold/diamond/silver at credit or continue the investment plan or utilize the total quantity accrued at the end of the period. In the event of death of the individual, the nominee shall produce the identification card and all receipts of payments made, before being able to utilize the quantity available in his/her/their account.

  • Reminders may be given by a Telephone Call / SMS / Emails, where cell numbers / Email addresses are furnished. This is a service and failure to receive such intimation shall not be a reason for delayed payment.
  • Reminders may be sent 7 days before due date. Non-receipt of reminders shall not be reason for delayed payments.
  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole, of the terms, conditions and privileges of the plan without prior notice. Subject to rules and regulations and laws in operation in India from time to time.
  • The decision of the Management of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers shall be final and binding on all participants of this plan with regard to any of the matters relating to the plan.
  • C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers is the sponsor of the plan and reserves the right to suspend / cancel / amend the plan at any time. In such an event you may purchase any item for sale in the showroom equal to the value of money accumulated as on that date.

    NEW! You may club amounts or weights from multiple plans to purchase an ornament.

    (Provided the plans are enrolled in same name)

    NEW! The amounts may be used to buy gemstones and gift articles too.

    NEW! Get additional “Birthday Gift Benefit“ on your Birthday! Additional benefits are automatically applied to the installment paid during the month of your Birthday! Enjoy higher benefit on higher instalment amount paid on your special day!

  • There are no prizes or draws related to The Gold Standard 1869TM or The Gold Advantage Advance Purchase Plan (GAAP) The Rate Protection PlanTM.
  • Please do not divulge your login/Password at any time for on-line transaction.
  • We will not ask for your login id and password at any time.
  • Average Rates will not apply to diamond, solitaires- however cash purchase may be availed.
  • Disputes, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Bengaluru.
  • Cash or Quantity benefit between 9% to 12% per annum rates are subject to change. Benefits remain unchanged as at the time of enrolment.
  • MATURITY : Upon Maturity, redemption to be compulsorily done within 12 months from the date of maturity.
  • All jewellery sold at normal price. Gemstones, labour, manufacturing loses, taxes, etc., payable extra.


Percentage of gain (loss) in quantity of gold jewellery purchased over re last 11 months period
Installment month Installment amount (Rs) Additional Benefit @10% per annum (Rs) Birthday benefit 10 % on amount of installment additional for the month (Rs) Gold Rate 22 Kt per gram applied at (Rs) Accrued gold Wt in Qty benefit option @ 10 % per annum (Grams) Accrued cash benefit in “Cash Benefit” option @10% per annum (Rs)
Feb-22 10000 916.66 83.33 4,490.99 2.431 1,000.00
Mar-22 10000 833.33 4,747.98 2.282 833.33
Apr-22 10000 750 4,844.00 2.219 750
May-22 10000 666.67 4,838.01 2.205 666.67
Jun-22 10000 583.33 4,729.99 2.237 583.33
Jul-22 10000 500 4,783.98 2.195 500
Aug-22 10000 416.67 4,725.01 2.205 416.67
Sep-22 10000 333.33 4,650.02 2.222 333.33
Oct-22 10000 250 4,625.01 2.216 250
Nov-22 10000 167.67 4,635.01 2.194 167.67
Dec-22 10000 83.33 4,880.01 2.066 83.33
Total Rs.110000 Rs.5584.33 24.489 Grams Rs.5584.33
Billed day's gold rate per
gram (Rs)
Rs. 5140.01 Billed days gold amount 24.489
grams X 5140.01 Rate Per Gram
Billed day's “Average” rate applicable
Rs. 1,10,000/ 24.489 Grams
Rs. 4491.81 Applied “Average” rate gold amount
24.489 Grams X 4491.81 Rate Per Gram
Gain under “Weight” option Rs. 15873.76
(Rs.1,25,873.70 - Rs.1,10,000.00)
Gain under “Cash” option Rs. 5584.33

For all on time installment payments, Rs.11,000 worth Discount vouchers (with multiplier condition) is issued. Note: If gold rate on billing date is lower than 'averaged', option to switch to “Cash Benefit” is available.

An example:
One pair gold bangles
Year Gross Weight (Gram) Net Weight (Gram) Normal Price (Rs) Rate Protection Plan Price (Rs) Rate Protection Plan Gain (Loss)
2023 41.75 41.01 264380 248030 16350
2022 41.75 41.01 233440 226220 7220
2021 41.75 41.01 230340 224590 5750
2020 41.75 41.01 201550 181390 20160
2019 41.75 41.01 168450 158790 7660
Past 5 years “ Average Rate” Gold Rate Per Gram
Year Month 11 Months Average rate Per Gram (Rs)
2017 Feb-Dec 2754.27
2018 Feb-Dec 2872.90
2019 Feb-Dec 3022.88
2020 Feb-Dec 4399.91
2021 Feb-Dec 4204.57
2022 Feb-Dec 4722.72

DISCLAIMER: *Live Case Example taken from past date Past performance is not an indication of future performance. Gold, silver, diamonds and platinum rates are subject to market fluctuations. Subject to terms and conditions of operation, issued separately and on *22kt Gold rates: Jan 2010 Avg - Rs. 1441.24 per gm. Jan 2016 Avg - Rs. 2366.79 per gm. Other normal charges are applicable.

how much jewellery will you need?
jewellery planner - a 10 year horizon
Family Income per annum Family Income per Month Recommended Systematic Instalments per Year Recommended Systematic Instalments per Month
3 lakhs 25,000/- 11,250/- 900/-
6 lakhs 50,000/- 22,500/- 1875/-
12 lakhs 1,00,000/- 45000/- 3,750/-
24 lakhs 2,00,000/- 90,000- 7500/-
36 lakhs 3,00,000/- 1,35,000/- 11,250/-
60lakhs 5,00,000/- 4,50,000/- 37,500/-
1.2crore 10,00,000/- 9,00,000/- 75,000/-
1.8crore 15,00,000/- 13,50,000/- 1,12,500/-
2.4crore 20,00,000/- 18,00,000/- 1,50,000/-

Disclaimer: The past record is an indication of the future, and the amount of money saved will depend on the kind of jewellery you purchase.